Mini Bars – Sprouts Frozen Fruit Bars

I made most of these a little while ago and thought I’d post them here.

Materials: School glue (or fabric glue, I forget), a bit of hot glue, Sprouts Frozen Fruit Bars boxes, beads, tissue paper, lavender, string, metal charms, wax paper, paper, tape, popsicle sticks, paint, a flower and glitter glue.

Time spent: A lot, at least 3 days. (with breaks)

Made these cool bags, they have lavender in them. But it’s supposed to look like coffee beans. Made this blue crystal out of old clumpy glitter glue.

These little sweets covered in chocolate, are actually beads glued onto the underside of a large rectangle button. With brown paint meant to be drizzled chocolate.

Over here in the corner is a a cutting board and a little knife I whittled with scissors, but more on that later.

Hanging here is a little metal charm, I did not make it but I do not remember where I found it, else I would credit that person.

Made this plant pot over here.

Real proud of some of these drinks, also put a apricot blossom on the bar.

Seriously, have you SEEN how cool these drinks are?

Feather and peace charm, again I did not make these but I do not remember the creator.

Somebody has spilled my coffee beans!!! Torn coffee bean bag, seahorse bead, (creator unknown.) salad, plant/drink.

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